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Automatic production line integrated camera system fixed point positioning rotary labeling machine

Time:2019-08-14 Views:1133
      The modern automatic labeling machine can complete bottle alignment with the help of the camera system. Different from the sensor scheme, the camera system is fixed and installed. In practice, multiple cameras are connected to a common camera controller for image analysis. Here, the servo driver will also unroll the bottle on the rotating tray in front of the camera, allowing the camera to see the bottle.
Automatic production line integrated camera system fixed point positioning rotary labeling machine
      Since the camera system is fixed and installed, the circular section of the camera through which the bottle passes is relatively small, and the number of cameras determines the necessary acquisition Angle during identification. When using three cameras, each camera must take a 120° container expansion Angle and send this part of the image to the camera controller, not the parent controller of the labeling machine.
      The camera controller combines three individual image segments from the instance into a fully expanded panorama. Now the camera controller must compare this panorama with the reference image that the user has made and stored in a container with the appropriate identification. The camera system finds the identification and determines the corrected Angle, consistent with the reference image.
      Identification tags require a great deal of calculation work: on the one hand controller must take into account the curvature of the container, the difficulty here is that for every 120 ° camera to create a images of the sector, rather than the image, if the current container into a video camera under the video window, the next container will enter areas before the camera, which requires the image properly arranged for panorama.
      On the other hand, the camera controller must pass the correction Angle to the labeling machine very quickly so that the distributed servo driver can align according to the previously determined correction Angle. Much of the information is now transmitted directly through real-time Ethernet to the appropriate servo driver, rather than the device controller, so that the servo driver can be angled directly.
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