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Detailed solution to the problem of rolling labeling machine

Time:2019-08-14 Views:15845
      Rolling labeling machine is a kind of professional product labeling equipment, which adopts automatic bottle feeding process with bottle sorting machine to continuously tear off the roll label paper and put it on the bottle body according to the required position. This labeling method is beautiful, firm, does not fall off by itself and has high production efficiency. Before use, be sure to choose the appropriate label, to prevent the process of operation appeared doubt, delay work efficiency.
Detailed solution to the problem of rolling labeling machine
      For the rolling labeling machine, the data used by the label is not able to improve the hardness of the label is particularly important, because it affects the process of operation can not normally out of the label. In general, the thickness of the label paper should be controlled over 100um, and the small size of the label is not suitable for the large label. In addition to pay attention to the thickness and area of the label data, but also pay attention to the label backing paper surface is evenly coated with silicon, whether there is a good tensile strength and good transparency. In addition, the label is usually processed before operation. The two sides of the backing paper after this request is cut are flat and without cracks, so as to prevent the bottom line from cracking when the tension changes. In addition, the static electricity in the web label should be eliminated before labeling, because static electricity may cause label failure or inaccurate labeling.
      Usually in the process of using a rolling labeling machine will encounter more problems have been labeled out of the length of the label, the label of the interface dislocation, the label of the edge of the corner of the inner roll and pick up trouble and so on. Then understand these common problems, for the problems of labeling machine repair.
      If encounter stick out the label length is wrong to repair the label machine‘s trademark sensor electric eye is not a question, together to ensure that the label plate and catch the drum of the fundamental parallel. If the label interface dislocation up and down to adjust the flatness of the label machine, the standard plate around the adjustment. Volume label question is the need to control the label machine blowing pipe and drop the temperature of cots. And improvement factors are more, the need to acknowledge that the improvement is not in place, and then manually scroll the machine, adjust the label.
      To sum up, we know that labeling machine is a professional treatment of product labeling equipment, but before the use of the appropriate label must be selected to prevent the process of operation to show doubt, delay work efficiency.
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