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How much do you know about the variety of ways to label a label machine

Time:2019-08-14 Views:1119
      Now the factory in the process of production and processing, label labeling machine has become a very important part of the automatic post-packaging, not only for the enterprise to reduce labor costs, improve production efficiency, but also greatly improve the grade of product packaging, so that the image of the enterprise to get a better presentation. Labeling machine to achieve visual effect. One of them is to avoid the label in the phenomenon of warping. Before the tube is filled, label is pasted, and then fill and seal the end. In the process of sealing the end, the heating test on the label is especially severe. The closer the label is to the bottom, the greater the possibility of label warping. In practice, almost every manufacturer has similar problems and solutions are various.
How much do you know about the variety of ways to label a label machine
      The label labeling machine now has four labeling methods for you to choose:
      1. Corner labeling: put the printed label on the labeling board, paste it through the cylinder, and then label the corner with the care wheel, which is suitable for packaging products such as cartons that need to be sealed.
      2. Pneumatic labeling: put the printed label on the labeling board and then apply the labeling through the cylinder, which is suitable for labeling most cartons and other outer packing materials.
      3. Swing arm labeling: draw the printed label onto the labeling board and swing it at the set Angle by a device like an arm. Attach the label to the carton or package.
      4. Blow-stick labeling: pre-post the printed label to the bottom of the blow-stick device, and then blow-stick the label on the carton and other packaging materials by the blow-stick device. This method has little impact on materials and is suitable for packaging materials with excessive stress.
      The bottle should run a little faster than the label will come out, to avoid bubbles. Before labeling to completely eliminate static electricity, so that the label out of the label, off the backing paper. The labeling machine should not use brush, sponge roller, vacuum adsorption method labeling, should install a certain strength of rubber scraper contact with the label, and make the scraper maintain a certain Angle and strength. The label of soft bottle body should adjust the relationship between the label speed, scraper strength, Angle and distance.
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