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How to effectively improve the use efficiency of wire labeling machine

Time:2019-08-14 Views:1187
      Wire labeling machine is a kind of equipment specially developed for the wire and cable industry, mainly for the label high-precision folding labeling, at the same time can be used for various wire folding labeling, suitable for the product size span, easy to adjust, change different products more convenient and fast. Its working principle is that the sensor detects the passing of the product and transmits the signal to the labeling control system. After the signal is processed by PLC, the label is sent out at an appropriate time and attached to the set position of the product. The product flows through the labeling device, the label is covered firmly and then automatically unloaded.
How to effectively improve the use efficiency of wire labeling machine
      Many users in every time after use wire labeling machine, equipment will be thrown aside, obviously, this approach is wrong, to effectively improve the use efficiency of wire labeling machine, and extend the service life of equipment, we will pay attention to the wire marking machine after use, maintenance, the small make up for everyone to do a simple introduction.
      1. The use of wire labeling machine needs to ensure that the supporting power voltage meets the requirements, otherwise it will directly affect the use of the equipment.
      2. Regularly check the tightness of all bolt connections, and tighten them in time if any looseness is found. In addition, check whether the air path joints are loose or fall off.
      3. After the wire labeling machine is finished, it is necessary to disconnect the power supply and wipe the surface of the machine and the work table.
      4. Check the running parts such as the chain regularly. If there is any fault, remove it in time.
      5. After 10 hours of continuous operation, it is necessary to stop the machine for half an hour to do the daily maintenance of the above equipment, especially non-standard equipment, so as to reduce the loss of the equipment and extend the service life of the equipment.
      6, in the case of holidays or temporarily unused equipment, the need to clean equipment, clean oil, and lubrication maintenance of the equipment.
      For any equipment, according to the requirements of the operation is the guarantee of work efficiency, and do a good job maintenance work is an effective way to improve work efficiency, therefore, we should pay attention to.
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