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Labeling machine using sensors and light sensor solutions

Time:2019-08-14 Views:1190
      The labeling machine aims at the vessel to be labeled according to the required position through the sensor. The light sensor on the upper part of the machine scans the seam or mark on the vessel and then sends its position to the superior controller. It is necessary to install the sensor in the upper part of the machine, because the turntable runs under the incoming and outgoing star wheels, and there is no room for the sensor. The sensor actually moves with the labeled container that rotates at a fixed speed in front of it.
Labeling machine using sensors and light sensor solutions
      If you need a sensor to search for specific markers on the bottle, just use sensor with digital output, they can be directly connected to the distributed servo controller, turn the bottle in front of the sensor, the sensor identification mark, signal, connected to the servo device within the fixed platform to achieve zero speed, the bottle was accurate positioning.
      If the labeling system works according to the label or pattern on the bottle or container, the sensor with the analog output can be used in the machine, and it can also be connected directly to the distributed servo controller.
      If the sensor detects a marker in the form of an analog signal, the servo returns to zero speed again. Unlike digital output, the marking information in a distributed servo driver must be known in order to identify the analog sensor. However, this approach has an obvious drawback: before production can begin, the operator must calibrate the corresponding bottle sensor in the system, which takes time and increases the error rate.
      Another way is to determine the analog marker information directly in the servo driver. Since the features of the CAM in the distributed servo driver are very dispersed, the system can store the signal sequence of the analog data for the specific pattern in the curve data.
      When changing the variety, the user only needs to create the data for the new pattern once and then pass it to the distributed servo driver in the system, which shortens the switching time and significantly reduces the error rate, thus greatly saving the cost.
      Another aspect is the time of identification of the whole system during marking. It is important here that the sensor is directly connected to the distributed servo driver. For a 36-station labeling machine with a labeling capacity of 36,000 bottles/hour, the time available for alignment is about 225ms. The machine must find the marker at this time and then accurately locate it via a distributed servo drive.
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