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Where do workers go when automatic labeling machines replace them?

Time:2019-10-26 Views:1325
      Automatic labeling machine has been the trend of industrial development, improving productivity, reducing costs and enhancing competitiveness to survive in a brutal market. But have you ever wondered what will happen to workers when automation replaces them? Will it lead to mass unemployment, or will it lead to mass employment?
      Vice-president of the European commission, Nellie sophocles said in the short term, some of the workers‘ jobs may be automated labeling machine, but in the long run, the robot will create many jobs, like now, a lot of work did not exist before one hundred, after one hundred years we will be a lot more job opportunities.
When automatic labeling machine instead of workers
      A hundred years is too long. We can‘t wait that long. We have plenty of time. When you can‘t change the trend of The Times, what you have to do is not to resist, but to cater to it. We do not need to do the change of dynasties will be the first to grab the land loyal ministers, people do not necessarily crafty but must be flexible. Ben‘s documentary the working poor offers a definition, "what is working poor -- people who work hard but still can‘t change their poverty or get rich." The show followed various types of working poor, whose common characteristics were odd jobs or odd orders.
      As a result, the bursting of Japan‘s economic bubble has led to fewer corporate payrolls and fewer jobs, meaning fewer jobs that accumulate value. This phenomenon will continue to pass on to the next generation, they are working very hard, even in order to support the family will work several jobs. But it is still difficult to change the plight of life, this is why?
      Critics say, should improve the structure of enterprise, "many efforts to produce more value-added products, unhappiness is to maintain economic growth without the business model is problematic, in addition to give up, must change the type of low economic growth can continue (technical difference between class), otherwise the industry, we have no future, is also small and medium-sized enterprise, since this is business, if not transfer with the customer, that is changed to do salary family don‘t do business, is the responsibility of the national aid efforts, the idea that countries should guarantee to be able to have been in the old way of business idea is not correct"
      Program behind said, it is not just a personal problem should be to look at it from the perspective of society, efforts to also can not get due reward, this is a manifestation of the social injustice of the system, physical labor should also be positive, just need to be more professional in the form of the era, the professional training of professional knowledge country has the responsibility to spread to every one, compared to South Korea and the United States, these developed countries appear the problems of the working poor.
      South Korean experts believe that this is the result of everything left to the market, the ultimate risk is borne by the people at the bottom, after the market failure caused enterprises to pursue lower costs and lead to a surge in unemployment. Don‘t let your children live in the shadow of hopeless poverty.
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