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How to solve the leakage defect after the automatic labeling machine labeling?
To solve this problem is relatively simple, the following is a brief introduction of the three detection methods: a set of detection and elimination devices are installed at the back end of the labeling machine, and a set of detection electric eye system is used to detect whether the product is labeled or not. When the product is not labeled, the missing products are removed. This method is also the most cost-effective way to use equipment to detect. The stripping mechanism can also be designed according to the weight, for example, plastic empty bottles we can use the way of blowing out. Heavier ones can be used in cylinders....
Labeling machine position and angle adjustment of labeling machine
1. Up and down position adjustment of the head, adjustment steps: turn the hand wheel 1, adjust the label stripping module to achieve the up and down position of the labeling machine label to the product. 2 Left and right position adjustment, adjustment steps: turn the hand wheel 2, adjust the module to achieve the left and right position of the labeling head, as shown in Figure 2.
What causes bar code real-time printing labeling machine to occasionally not print?...
The newly bought bar code printer accessories generally will not appear problems, generally may appear is the consumables installation method and the driver installation setup problem. 1. Wrong installation of barcode carbon label paper, please follow the steps above in the attached quick installation guide to re-install barcode carbon label paper. 2. Drive installation setting: It may also occur in the paper calibration and paper size setting, with the phenomenon of skipping paper or white paper. Just set the paper size and print file size of the printer driver to be the same as the actual label paper size, then correct the paper to solve the problem....
How to deal with bar code printing label machine printing content is not clear
Barcode printing labeling machine in print, will make the customers encounter a few problems, such as barcode printing labeling printing machine have burrs will appear when the font is not clear, sometimes will also meet customer response barcodes printed effect is not clear, and the machine is new, many people‘s first reaction is to the quality of the printer problem, in fact, most of the time to do the following and check will be able to solve this problem! How can we solve it in time?
How to load the real - time printing label machine?
First of all, it is necessary to understand the composition structure of the printer. The printer is a bar code printing equipment. The label feeder is responsible for providing labels and recovering the bottom paper, and is the core part of the label printer. It is mainly composed of loose coil, drive roller, loose coil buffer, press roller, strip plate and bottom paper recovery buffer. And printing equipment and we use the industrial grade bar code printer is the same, many labeling machine products is to choose these bar code machine for printing label equipment, so in the installation of label paper above is actually the same, the following steps to introduce the installation....
Double folding precision of wire labeling machine
The problem of overlap error of double fold labels has been solved. Several major problems occurred when the folding label was automatically pasted on the automatic labeling machine:
Automatic labeling machine stickers adhesive labels appear how to warp?
Some time ago there was a customer, feedback asked self-adhesive label appeared warped how to do? This customer is a year to come to our shenzhen bo high buy labeling machine, always cooperation is very happy, they are initially determined according to his description of our company the use of the problem, then sent technical personnel to their enterprise to observe, sure enough when we observe their workers in the operation of the graph save trouble, omitted some steps with the result that the phenomenon become warped standard and then our technology will help them solve the problem in a timely manner, sums up after you come back to me about how to solve the problem of marking machine become warped phenomenon of the way, here shenzhen bo high identity to share....
How to use automatic label stripping machine?
The automatic label stripping machine is used for the automatic stripping of labels. After the stripped label is taken, the next label will be automatically stripped to improve the efficiency of workers‘ access to labels. Multiple rows of labels can be stripped at one time. It is suitable for marking on toy assembly line, food packaging assembly line and electronic products assembly line. So how does this device work?
Adjustment method of electrical eye for labeling machine
Because the position of the test object electric eye is related to the timing of the label, so it is necessary to adjust its position, different sizes of bottles need different positions, if the position of the test object electric eye empress dowager, will appear out of the label too early, resulting in labeling before, or even less than the label. If the position of the electrical eye is too much before the test, the label will appear too late, causing the phenomenon of the label askew or the queen mother. (the front and back are based on the man-machine interface faced by the operator, and the forward direction of the bottle on the conveyor belt is the front)....
How to adjust the effect of automatic labeling machine
Some automatic labeling machine came with the with the variety of the fault, all but after inspection found that the parts are not damaged or aging phenomenon, in this case will most likely need to debug the equipment, the following Po high logo will carefully explain for everybody fully automatic labeling machine adjustment method.
Automatic labeling machine labeled with bubble solution
Nowadays, with the continuous development and progress of information technology, the level of all aspects of the automatic labeling machine has been significantly improved. Currently, the automatic labeling machine on the market has been improved in terms of precision and control, and the adjustable range is more extensive. The probability of defective products in use has been effectively controlled.
How to adjust the accuracy of automatic alcohol labeling machine?
Alcohol fully automatic labeling machine in real life if you want to use this equipment, believes that many users will find sometimes there will be a precision is poor, this kind of situation in order to achieve the most perfect effect, accuracy is poor this situation must be corrected in the first time, why will appear this kind of equipment in use precision of this kind of situation, this is a lot of people want to be able to understand.
Label labeling machine how to break the ribbon break?
What is the cause of the tape break? How to deal with break? 1. Shell materials can also cause tape breakage -- there are various PVC shell materials on the market. Such problems are easy to happen if customers buy blindly. During the printing process, the shell is glued to the label strip, pulled out of the cutting edge, and then cut off by the semi-cutter.
All - round detailed horizontal labeling machine
Labeling machine I believe most people know, and the automatic labeling machine has gradually replaced all human resources, gradually towards the full automation process. And now the market share is also quite high, which can show that people realize that the development of science and technology to replace artificial is the social inevitability. That is, the natural selection of the fittest. Because the speed and capability of automation is unknown how many times higher than the manual. So, the general manufacturers will choose such horizontal labeling machine. The following lead you to understand the working principle of horizontal labeling machine and need to pay attention to the problem....
Operating safety knowledge of automatic labeling machine
Automatic labeling machine has been a very widely used equipment, automatic labeling machine because of the high efficiency of labeling, and labeling accuracy is high, so it is widely used in various enterprises, to provide convenience for product packaging labeling. However, if the use of improper, general mechanical equipment will be dangerous, therefore, in order to be able to safely operate the labeling machine equipment, automatic labeling machine manufacturers suggest you understand the following safety precautions when operating equipment:
Automatic labeling machine normal use of the label break what situation?
Believes that many operators in automatic labeling machine in the process of actual use of wider application scope, most people would probably noticed this problem, in normal use circumstances there will be a label broken happens, in fact, when we are in the process of using, if appear this kind of problem, basically is inevitable, if appear this kind of problem, how to do a good job, this is a lot of people want to be able to understand one thing.
Why is the accuracy of the non-standard custom labeling machine poor?
Labeling machine precision problem believe that this is a lot of manufacturer are very seriously, we buy in non-standard custom labeling machine, often may appear on the accuracy of difference, in order to make the product in a short period of time quickly achieve good labeling effect, so when the fault happens, we basically want from different places to find the cause of the difference between precision, now why non-standard custom labeling opportunity arises accuracy?
How to do the full automatic labeling machine leakage label?
In fact, fully automatic labeling machine is now very mature, miss the situation of labeling is very few, if really missed. It can be handled in the following ways:
How to maintain the print head of automatic printing labeling machine?
Automatic printing labeling machine is a automatic packaging production line after the period of the most commonly used equipment, is one of the devices used very frequently, because each product require labeling, and print labeling machine in addition to the mechanical arm need pay attention to maintenance, and print the core part of its need to do maintenance, using the way of using can greatly improve its service life, reduce costs, improve efficiency, benefit is very obvious.
The solution to the abnormal labeling of PCB labeling machine
PCB board is actually the meaning of the circuit board, PCB board labeling machine is mainly suitable for PCB surface labeling, high speed and high precision PCB automatic labeling machine outstanding characteristics, flexible, simple operation, suitable for a variety of high speed, high precision label and backing applications. The introduction of PCB automatic labeling machine can reduce labor cost, improve production efficiency and improve product quality. However, in the production process of using PCB labeling machine, it is inevitable to encounter problems such as abnormal labeling Angle, abnormal material throwing of the labeling machine, abnormal inlet and outlet of the labeling machine, unstable labeling position, poor labeling quality, and bubbles or wrinkles. So how to deal with these problems? Here are some solutions to this question....
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