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Automatic labeling machine warping label solution

Time:2019-10-15 Views:439
      In the process of using labeling machine, marking is a more common phenomenon. Especially in the sticker sticker, the problem is the most likely to happen. Nowadays, automatic production lines are becoming more and more popular. For most products that are labeled first and then filled, capped and sealed, etc., the whole process may be accompanied by temperature rise, which may also cause the warping Angle of the labels that have been affixed. The closer the sticker is to the end of the product, the more likely it is to be warped after some process that requires heating. Therefore, today from the bogao shenzhen labeling machine factory small make up to share a solution to the problem of automatic labeling machine mark.
      1, add label viscosity, try to make the label stick firm. To achieve this role, the following aspects should be considered:
      1. Appearance quality of pasted products. Most products have glossy oil on the surface, and this will add labeling difficulties, content exudation, product surface pores and so on will form the label of the rise, how to prevent the occurrence of such problems, should be a more important problem we should consider.
      2. Control the labeling pressure of labels in the labeling process.
      3. Control the temperature in the labeling process. The addition of labeling temperature will improve the labeling function, because as the temperature increases, the activity of the material inside the object will be added, and the label will be easier to integrate with the product.
      Second, try to choose soft label materials, outstanding label ductility will be greatly improved on the warping standard.
      Change the shape of the label.
      Make the bottom end of the label arc, try to avoid the end of the deformation zone. Of course, arc can not be opened too deep, or because of the problem of the label itself easy to cause wrinkles, add unnecessary trouble. The shape of the label should be changed accordingly, so that it can not only prevent warping but also add aesthetic feeling.
      Four, eliminate the influence of static electricity.
      Labeling process simple generation of static electricity, which will have an impact on the labeling effect, appropriate progress labeling site humidity, will have to improve, the selection of ion fan is also a useful way to deal with. The labeling machine is equipped with automatic control of humidity, which can control the cleanliness of the equipment, keep the labeling away from dust, and improve the labeling quality of products.
      5. Adjust the pressure of the cladding wheel
      Part of the reason for the deviation of the label is that the label does not adhere to the product surface completely due to the insufficient pressure of the coating wheel. Therefore, it is necessary to increase the strength of the coating mechanism so that the label can adhere to the product surface completely.
      Check label material
      Whether the material of label material is suitable for the product type. Selection labels should be based on different types, materials, etc. Soft products should be selected from a number of relatively soft type labels.
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