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Cleaning labeling machine is also exquisite

Time:2019-10-17 Views:424
      Label machine should pay attention to the regular cleaning, which is very helpful for the stable operation of the equipment in the later stage, and the cleaning work seems simple, but there are a lot of attention, especially the cleaning sequence, next bo gao shenzhen label machine factory small make up for everyone to introduce.
      1. Remove the standard board, scraping knife, glue funnel, glue bucket, air pipe and protective door, and soak them in the soaking car (the water temperature is 400-500 ℃, but the standard board must be placed separately, and it is not allowed to soak with water over 40℃).
      2. Cover the surface of the label table with a wet cloth with alkaline cleaner water and cover the surface with glue.
      3. Clean the rotary table, bottle holder, label sweep, label table, column door, machine top, bottle splitting board, star wheel, guard bar and platform with wool or cloth with alkaline cleaner water.
      4. Clean the label box and drum with wet cloth and take the label clamp and residual glue of the label rubber pad.
      5. Clean the surface of the mark drum with a wet cloth, and it is strictly forbidden to rinse and soak with water.
      In addition, if the following problems arise during the use of labeling, users can refer to the following methods to solve them:
      1, label gap: the label through die-cutting into finished products, usually will be the backing paper left wider, the main purpose of doing so is to users in use can be better disclosure. And in the process of handling or transportation, these extra edges will be cracked, resulting in small cracks. Part of the reason is that the labeling machine in the process of automatic labeling, itself has a certain tension, in this tension is also very pull the label.
      2, bad die-cutting: die-cutting quality on whether the label tear has a deep impact. If the die-cutting pressure is too large will cause the bottom paper tape, usually due to the die-cutting caused by tear, in the position of the die tangent will be relatively neat.
      3, glue: glue removal is due to the label rewinding is too tight, will not dry glue out.
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