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Common faults and adjustment skills of labeling machine

Time:2019-10-09 Views:409
One, do not give label
1. If the measuring object‘s electric eye is in a wrong position, adjust the position of the electric eye
2. Replace the test eye when it fails
3, label the head label pull paper is not tight enough, adjust the pull paper
4. Check the cause of system failure
5. The power supply of the outgoing head is not connected
Two, continuous label
1. If the position of the electric eye of the label is wrong, adjust the position of the electric eye
2, label electric eye fault, adjust or replace the label electric eye
Three, stick label axial position is not accurate
1. The strip strip of labeling head is in the wrong position, adjust the handle
2. If the label is in the wrong position on the label head, readjust the label position
4. The position before and after labeling is inaccurate
1. Adjust the front and rear position of the measuring object‘s electric eye or adjust the labeling delay
5. No labels
1, the bid speed is too slow, higher than the bid speed
2. The reserved label is not long enough, adjust the length of the reserved label
3, the bid speed is too fast, reduce the bid speed
4. The measuring object is too far away from the marking end
5, the interval is too small, adjust the speed of clamping belt
6, the label viscosity is poor or the sticker is not clean
6. Wrinkles after labels
1, the reserved label is too long to reduce the reserved length of the label
2. The speed of bid delivery is too fast and the speed of clip delivery is relatively slow. Adjust the speed of the two to match
7. Missing labels
1. The sensitivity of the electric eye is poor, adjust the appropriate sensitivity of the electric eye
2. Labeling speed is too slow or conveyor belt speed is too fast
Eight, label backing paper loose
1, labeling speed is too slow than the speed of clip belt
Nine, test object electric eye fault.
1. Put the label in the electric eye detection area of the test mark to obtain the slide label.
2. Disconnect the signal and observe whether there is flashing signal lamp in IO monitoring on the touch screen.
3. If the signal lamp does not blink, the electric eye may fail or the connection is loose.
4. If the joint is loose, press the joint tightly.
5. If the problem is not solved, consider the fault of the electric eye and replace the electric eye in time.
Drive display failure.
1. Close the device and restart. Or check the rotation speed of the mark is normal!
11. The measuring object is not in the right position and the object under test is not detected.
1. Adjust the position of the electric eye.
2. Adjust the signal detection end to be closer to the measured object, so that the signal on the measured object‘s electric eye lights up when the measured object passes in front of the electric eye.
12, label machine PLC signal interface fault.
1. Replace the signal output/input port. If no other signal port is available, the PLC needs to be replaced.
Xiii. Due to improper adjustment of the sensor parameters, effective signals cannot be output after the detection of objects.
1. If the preset signal value on the electric eye (sensor) of the test object is too large, the labeling machine will make the tested object has no effective signal output when it passes in front of the electric eye. PLC cannot get the output signal command, so there will be no action.
2. Place a product in front of the electric eye of the test object and adjust the preset signal value according to the detected effective signal value or whether the signal lamp is on. Causes the electric eye to have no signal (the signal lamp is off) in the absence of anything, when the object is detected, the signal light will be on.
14. The label paper does not pass through the electric eye detection area of the beacon.
1. Install the label paper through the electric eye detection area.
15. Dust, powder, broken labels, etc., block the detection end of the electric eye.
1. Timely clean the electric eye, pay attention to clean it under dry conditions, and do not use wet cloth and other cleaning tools for labeling machine.
16. The effective signal of the measuring eye is not adjusted well.
1. Reset the measuring eye. (set according to the operation procedure of the electric eye manual of each model)
17. The type of electric eye used is invalid for the material and nature of the label itself.
If the transparent label is used on the equipment, but the detection eye is a common detection eye, it may appear that after the detection eye senses the measured object, the label will be continuously peeled by the head.
1, replace the corresponding nature, can normally detect the effective signal of the test mark eye.
The above adjustment techniques are applicable to semi-automatic labeling machine, automatic labeling machine. Including: round bottle labeling machine, plane labeling machine, double side labeling machine and other models.
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