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Does the automatic labeling machine produce exhaust gas when it works?

Time:2019-09-04 Views:532
      People in the purchase of automatic labeling machine will have a question, that is, automatic labeling machine in the work will produce waste gas? Bogau logo technology to tell you that the equipment will produce heat gas, which is normal, but the gas produced is not exhaust gas that is another matter.
      Why does labeling produce waste gas? Bogau sign technology summarizes two reasons;
      1. Use inferior lubricating oil; When labeling, a stepping-control and servo-control system is used to lead the parts to run at high speed, and the inferior oil will evaporate and produce an unpleasant smell (exhaust gas).
      2. Parts and components are damaged or rusted; Due to the influence of dampness or improper maintenance, when the labeling work is carried out again, it will be damaged due to the uncoordinated work of various parts and produce smelly gas (waste gas). So the full automatic labeling machine will not produce waste gas? This will depend on the labeling equipment, quality is not up to standard, the use of inferior oil, or other reasons, will certainly produce waste gas.
      So the user to consult the purchase of labeling machine, choose the production strength of labeling machine factory, in the test machine inspection, to check carefully. General manufacturers will attach a file table, which notes the functional parameters of the equipment detailed introduction, let you accept. Pay attention to maintenance when using.
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