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How to deal with the adhesive label machine die wear?

Time:2019-10-21 Views:385
       Due to the sticker sticker machine has a wide range of stickers, fast speed, high precision, so by the industry has become one of the preferred sticker machine. Marking machine, of course, also have the good more, failure also can let a person, and one of the most common of these failures is marking tools and wear failure, appear this kind of failure will not only affect the quality label can also affect the efficiency of labeling, appear this kind of failure loss for the business must be very big, so the failure should how to solve? Today is bo gao sign science and technology co., LTD small make up and you have a good analysis.
      1. Die-cutting pressure adjustment is too large
      The stability of the cutting pressure is related to the quality of the die cutting device. In the die-cutting process, must be familiar with the characteristics of the die-cutting device, at any time to monitor and adjust the die-cutting pressure. Keep it within the normal range to ensure that the backing paper will not be damaged when die-cutting.
      2. Die cutting tool problem
      Die cutting blade has a certain life, if the life of the blade is expired, it is likely to cause die wear fault or other failures, so to check the service life of the blade is due, due to see the regular replacement.
      3. Materials
      The adhesive degree of the label should be as high as possible, so that it will be easier to stick the label. The thickness of the label also try to do a little uniform, otherwise it is likely to lead to the failure of cutting film.
      4. Equipment problems
      If it is used for a long time sticker machine is likely to be because of a long time did not carry out maintenance and this fault, this time only need to carry out a careful inspection of the equipment, will damage and aging parts replacement can effectively solve the problem. If it is a new sticker machine, it is likely that there is no good adjustment of the pressure of the blade, then only need to adjust the pressure of the blade can solve this problem.
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