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How to improve the use effect of automatic labeling machine?

Time:2019-09-04 Views:558
      Now on the market of the labeling machine type is various, including automatic labeling machine is a device which are frequently used, since it is the automation technology improvements, brought great convenience to people, in order to effectively improve the labeling effect of automatic labeling machine, large extent improve some bad factors, requires the improvement of automatic labeling machine system in time, will JieBiao articles on stainless steel drum pad into beef tendon pad. Let‘s take a look:
      At the present stage, the automatic labeling machine used to generally apply beef rib pad strip, with the following advantages:
      First, according to the cattle gluten label, can have good resilience, greatly reduce the drum out of the phenomenon of clamping.
      Second, the cattle tendon pad has a good coefficient of friction, appearance and lubrication, can be successfully selected.
      Third, the equipment wear and tear slowly, can be a long time stable use.
      In the original three rows of trademark machine brush under the premise of adding two rows of brush, in order to comprehensively improve the brush strength, to ensure that more flat stop labeling. Prior to backmarking, the appropriate device is required to  tilt the brush, with an Angle of approximately 70°.
      One is the automatic labeling machine in the appropriate participation of sponge roll, so as to timely change the labeling machine in the middle part of the bubble, warping, folding phenomenon. Second, the sponge roll is softer than the light, not only will not hurt the bottle, and will not wear the trademark.
      Third, the front of the sponge roll appropriate erecting brush, on the back of the standard stop painting brush, sponge roll again rolling back standard, to ensure more smooth. After the improvement of automatic labeling machine equipment, the performance of each has improved a lot, so that can effectively deal with wrinkles, bubbling, clamping and printing problems, to ensure that the labeling machine has more good use effect.
      If you want to deal with the automatic labeling machine warping label, you need to change the appearance of the label, make the bottom end of the label into an arc, try to avoid the sealing end deformation area. Of course, arc can not be opened too deep, or because of the problem of the label itself easy to cause wrinkles, increase the trouble not to need. The appearance that asks to label to want to make corresponding change to end to seal to different form, can prevent not only so warped mark still can increase aesthetic feeling.
      On how to improve the use of automatic labeling machine effect of the introduction is here. For more information, please contact
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