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How to maintain the double-sided labeling machine?

Time:2019-09-25 Views:425
      Double-sided label machine is sticker machine function is relatively more powerful, in the product end plane, side circumference, width, there are different methods of use on the surface. It can not only improve the use efficiency of product labels, but also avoid manual labeling and lamination, which can effectively reduce the cost of products, improve the appearance of product labels, and improve the competitiveness of products. Many manufacturers choose modern labeling machines to label their products. However, many manufacturers are not familiar with labeling machine machinery, learned to operate labeling machine, but many people will ignore the maintenance of double-sided labeling machine, and many people do not know how to maintain the double-sided labeling machine, below we will talk about how to maintain the double-sided labeling machine.
How to maintain the double-sided labeling machine
      First, label machine maintenance must do a good job of cleaning. Labeling machine is easy to absorb dust in the process of operation, so be sure to regularly clean the labeling machine dust. When the labeling machine is temporarily idle, it is necessary to unplug the power supply and cover it with a dust cloth to avoid dust falling on the labeling machine. In addition, the double-sided labeling machine of the high temperature zone also need regular decontamination, so as to better ensure the operation of the labeling machine of high quality.
      Secondly, the labeling machine needs to be maintained after working for a period of time, so you must not forget to apply some lubricating oil. Many parts of labeling machines, such as gears, bearings and transmissions, are prone to rust and wear after a period of use. And coated with lubricating oil, you can ensure that the labeling machine parts smooth. The staff of bogao shenzhen labeling machine factory pointed out that the labeling machine should be coated with some lubricating oil after working for 48 hours.
      After a certain period of operation, the double-sided labeling machine should be regularly maintained. On the one hand, it can ensure a good operation effect of the labeling machine and extend the life of the labeling machine. This not only ensures the normal operation of the labeling machine, but also extends the use time of the double-sided labeling machine.
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