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How to solve labeling bubble problem

Time:2019-10-11 Views:427
      Usually, transparent labels are used to label bubbles, and they look ugly. This is a problem that troubles most manufacturers. How should we solve this problem? The following will be from the bogao shenzhen labeling machine factory small make up to give you a brief explanation.
       Causes of air bubbles:
      1. There is dust or stolen goods on the bottle.
       2. The bottle was not blown well when blowing the bottle, and there were uneven pits.
      3. The static electricity on the bottle will repel the label, thus creating bubbles.
       4. Static electricity generated when the label is peeled off from the backing paper is also the cause of bubble labeling, which generally occurs on the high-speed labeling machine.
       5, labeling machine press wheel design is not good, pressure is not enough.
       Bubble treatment method:
      1. Keep the bottle clean and tidy before labeling.
      2, add electronic equipment to remove static electricity, so as to reduce the impact of static electricity.
      3. Use spring steel strip with brush or sponge or silicone scraper. If the bottle is flat and there is no problem with the label, as long as the right scraper is selected, bubbles will not rise.
      4. If it is a glass bottle, it is better not to use the transparent label, because the bottle itself has some irregular surface, so it is difficult to avoid bubbles. If you really want to use the transparent label, it is better to use the spring steel plate and brush effect or spring steel plate and sponge.
       5. When labeling, the running speed of the bottle body should be slightly faster than the speed of labeling, so as to avoid the occurrence of bubbles.
      6, soft bottle considerate label, to adjust the labeling speed, scraper strength, Angle, distance between the relationship.
       7. A certain amount of pressure must be applied to the label during labeling to ensure that the label and all parts of the attached substrate are fully integrated. If the pressure applied by the press wheel of the labeling machine is insufficient, the problem of label blistering may occur.
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