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Label machine continuous out of the label how to deal with?

Time:2019-09-23 Views:443
      We can‘t make a machine without failure, but we can make it reduce, make it fail, make it know how to solve when it appears, labeling machine is the same, so labeling machine continuously out of the label how to deal with? Bogao shenzhen labeling machine factory to explain for us.
      1. Continuous marking and incomplete marking by the labeling machine are related to the detection sensitivity of the electric eye. The sensitivity can be adjusted.
      2. Label mechanical and electrical eye failure. Adjustment method: put the label in the electric eye detection area of the beacon, slide the label to obtain and disconnect the signal, and observe whether there is flashing signal lamp in the IO monitoring on the touch screen. If the signal lamp does not blink, it may be the fault of the electric eye or the connection is loose to the connector. If the connector is loose, press the connector tightly. If the problem is not solved, consider the fault of the eye and replace the eye in time.
      3. The label paper does not pass through the detection area of the electric eye. Solution: install the label paper through the electric eye detection area.
      4. Dust, powder, broken labels, etc., cover the detection end of the electric eye. Solution: clean the electric eye in time, pay attention to cleaning in dry conditions, do not use wet cloth and other cleaning tools.
      5. The effective signal of the surface labeling electromechanical eye is not properly adjusted. Solution: reset the eye. (set according to the operation procedure of the electric eye manual of each model)
      6. The type of electric eye used is invalid for the material and nature of the label itself. Solution: replace the corresponding property, can normally detect the effective signal of the calibration eye.
      The above is about labeling machine continuously out of the bid how to deal with the method, if you have any questions can consult our bogao shenzhen labeling machine factory online customer service.
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