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Label machine working principle diagram

Time:2019-10-14 Views:440
      Labeling machine works in much the same way, here xiaobian will be presented in the form of text and text, a clear, but it should be noted that not all labeling machine is suitable for this.
Label machine working principle diagram
      Product placement -- > product delivery -- > product separation -- > sensor detects the product -- > transmits the signal to the control system -- > sensor detects the label signal -- > start -- > labeling and review -- > collects the labeled product
      I. core working principle
      (1) stripping principle: depending on the rigidity and elasticity of the label itself is greater than the adhesion force between the label and the label backing paper, the label backing paper is subject to a 172-degree sharp rotation, forcing the label and the label backing paper to separate, thus achieving the purpose of "stripping".
     (2) send the principle: by traction traction label bottom paper, pull TAB on the strip standard institutions, in the bottom of the label paper strip off the plate corner turned 172 degrees, the label for itself more rigid than the adhesion force between labels and tags, not follow label bottom paper, and separated from the bottom of the label paper, bottom paper label is drawn in a row, the label was also sent out in a row, so as to realize "the action".
      (3) the principle of overcoating: the label adhered to the surface to be pasted, relying on the circular roll/brush, film and other objects, by applying linear force in order to achieve the "overcoating" action.
      Detailed explanation of working principle
      The process starts with the box feeding into the labeling machine at a constant speed on the conveyor belt. The mechanical system of the labeling machine consists of a drive wheel, a labeling wheel, and a reel. The drive wheel periodically drags the tag belt from the reel, and the tag belt is pulled through the tag wheel, which presses the tag belt onto the box. The displacement control of the open loop on the reel is used to maintain the tension of the tag band because the tags are closely connected to each other on the tag band, so the tag band must be constantly on and off.
      The label is attached to the box at the same speed as the marking wheel. When the conveyor belt reaches a certain position, the tag belt drive wheel accelerates to the speed of the conveyor belt, attaches the tag, and slows down to stop.
      Since the tag has a sliding tag, it has a registration mark to ensure that each tag is properly placed. The registration sign is read by a sensor, and during the belt deceleration phase, the drive wheel repositions itself to correct any position errors on the belt.
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