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Sticker sticker machine problem how to solve?

Time:2019-09-19 Views:875
      Sticker machine this product equipment in the actual use may appear more problems, but from the existing situation, if the enterprise in the actual process of using this product equipment problems, generally can be solved, and in the face of a variety of different problems, there will be different solutions.
      Labeler position is not stable
      When marking machine for actual use, once appear this kind of circumstance, so may be considering the pressure bag device, pressure bag device may also no compaction, in this case the film to make actual detection, may appear film detection not, likely caused by the tractor to skid or without pressure, it is possible that a can smooth away to check the situation, so that pressure can effectively solve the traction mechanism, and the tight situation might also tilt the whole label, to pull the paper by normal. When the pasted object is placed, more parallel directions should be taken into consideration. The pasted object should basically ensure smooth rotation in the working position. And when the object is too light, the original pole must be put down to press other objects.
      Poor labeling quality, air bubbles or wrinkles
      Marking machine in actual stick mark, may appear the situation of the quality is bad, can reduce the speed of the part stick with may be a transparent label, it is possible that other label is too soft, when to stick mark could be gravity correction is not our imagination of so good, so this kind of circumstance to all efforts to conduct a comprehensive adjustment of labeling position at the start of the possible fold, so we at the time of adjustment, it is possible that the label is too soft, tag out to have been rendered the bending condition, raise the words may also be the location of the whole specimen will close to the product, so the label before and after is not aligned, Adjust the tilt of the support bar so that the entire product label extends vertically.
      The above is two common sticker machine use process problems and solutions, hope to help you.
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