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What are the accessories that are easy to damage?

Time:2019-10-19 Views:394
      Labeling machine in many enterprises have to use, can reduce some repeated labor, machinery labeling also is not allowed to avoid the artificial labeling position and error-prone problem, the service life of the every mechanical equipment accessories, and the length of life is in addition to quality, and the greater influence factors is whether use manufacturer knows how to use and maintenance of the equipment. Today we will tell you about the sticker machine easy to damage several parts and maintenance methods!
      There are three locations that are prone to damage and failure. The hardware is the conveyor belt and labeling rotation axis, and the software is the system parameter.
      1. Reasons for damage of conveyor belt
      1, use the manufacturer did not according to the weight limit parameters range provided by the supplier, the overload product surface labeling, resulting in transmission gear damage.
      2. The operating environment is humid, which causes rust of conveying gear and uneven conveying labeling.
      3. During the labeling process, there is any blanking or debris falling onto the conveyor belt without cleaning and picking up, resulting in the jamming or winding of the conveyor belt;
      Maintenance method: in the appropriate operating environment, reasonable weight limit range, daily attention to detail maintenance can avoid such failures.
      2. Reasons for damage of the labeled rotating shaft
      The equipment works for a long time, which causes the temperature inside the shaft to rise and the friction coefficient to increase. There are missing bid, not bid, and more bid. Maintenance method, should be in the specified period of time to add lubricating oil to the shaft parts, make normal work.
     3. Reasons for damage of equipment system parameters
      Equipment system parameters, due to the purchase of labeling machine system instability, plus the late use of improper operators and other conditions, will lead to the system garbled code, command character error, unable to work. It will cause a series of production line problems. So it is very important to choose a professional label manufacturer.
      The above is our label labeling machine easy to damage the parts of the relevant introduction, hope to bring help to the user! If you have any questions about labeling machine, you can consult bo gao labeling machine factory online customer service.
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