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What are the maintenance tips of automatic labeling machine?

Time:2019-10-12 Views:421
      We use any machinery to carry out maintenance, automatic labeling machine is the same, only good care of it, can use for a longer time, to create greater benefits for us. I do not know if you know how to automatic labeling machine maintenance? Don‘t know it doesn‘t matter, today from bo gao shenzhen labeling machine factory small series to share with you the maintenance of automatic labeling machine maintenance tips, respectively as follows:
      1. Mechanical parts can be cleaned with detergent (alcohol) and clean cloth. Where they cannot be wiped, compressed air can be used to purge.
      2. Cleaning of sub-components. In general, electronic components do not need to be cleaned. However, when cleaning non-electronic components, be careful not to splash water or detergent on the electronic components, and clean the sensor window with a clean dry cloth if necessary.
      3. Check whether there are any sundries on the rewinding machine, such as wrench, screwdriver, etc., before power-on every day.
      4. Observe whether the power supply is normal and whether the power cord is damaged.
      Nothing should fall into the machine, otherwise it will break down.
      6. The machine should not work in a humid, dusty and polluted environment to avoid shortening the service life of the product.
      7. The use range of governor cannot be run at a very low speed, otherwise the motor and electrical appliances are easy to be damaged.
      8. When wiping, please pay attention to whether there are loose screws on the machine. If there are loose screws, please tighten them immediately.
      9. If the equipment is not used for a long time, please pay attention to loosen the eccentric shaft of the pressure mark.
      10. If the equipment is not used for a long time, please cover it with the cover provided by the manufacturer, so as not to expose and catch dust for a long time.
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