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Why does labeling machine always break paper

Time:2019-10-10 Views:421
      Labeling machine is widely used in our life and production, but it can also appear problems such as broken mark. What shall we do if there is an index break? How to find the reason? And how to adjust? Here will be by bo gao shenzhen stick mark machine factory small make up to answer a few common break mark and treatment method for you.
Why does labeling machine always break paper
      There is a gap in the edge of the label backing paper. This is a common break. Adhesive labels in the die-cutting processing into finished products, will generally be the backing paper left a little wider than the label, so as to be in the customer label is conducive to the disclosure. In the process of label packaging, transportation and handling, it is easy to crack the bottom paper at the edge of the label and cause small cracks. Automatic labeling machine in labeling have a certain tension, the bottom paper edge has a gap in the label is easy to be pulled under the action of tension caused by labeling broken belt. In addition, improper roller adjustment on the automatic labeling machine may lead to the label edge backing paper of the roller fracturing tag causing the labeling strip breaking. Generally caused by the roller crush on the backing paper label break belt, the backing paper gap is more regular. Therefore, we should choose the label paper with no cracks.
      Bad die cutting. Die cutting quality is also on automatic labeling whether easy to break has a great impact, if die cutting pressure is too large resulting in the backing paper is cut through the tensile strength of the backing paper caused by the decline of the label. Die - cutting caused by poor labeling of the tape bottom paper fracture surface is relatively even, and the gap in the position of the die tangent. We can adjust the die-cutting control screw, so that the die-cutting force is moderate.
      The release layer is destroyed. If the release layer of the backing paper (usually the silicone oil layer) is damaged, it will also lead to label rupture. This kind of circumstance causes label to break a band, the fracture face of backing paper is serrated. The damage of release layer is caused by the defects of coating in the production of raw materials and the scratch of release layer may be caused by improper handling in the process of inspection and repair of the mark in the printing house.
     Label material problem. The label of the wrong backing paper material will also lead to label break, the standard label machine label is the selection of gracing, the relative coated paper backing paper due to the strength of the backing paper is not enough to lead to the label break.
      Stripper plate problem. In addition to the label itself, label breakage mark is primarily focused on the strip on the board, one of the most important reason is that strip off the plate is too sharp, strip off the board are made of sheet metal machining, the main blade cut caused by the large amount of milling, the main processing way is to manually polish was carried out on the edge, to make the transition of cut tactful. In addition, a mark break caused by the knife edge is due to the uneven knife edge of the stripper plate assembly, which leads to the uneven force of the tag when it passes through the knife edge to cut off the tag, which will also lead to the mark break.
      The problem of tensioning mechanism. In the header section, the purpose of the tensioning mechanism is to ensure that the traction motor, the uniformity and stability of tags can be relatively separated from strip off the board, for the purpose of the label is the magnitude of the need to keep a certain tension, when too much, can also lead to label broken, but by reducing the pressure the fierce piece, stretch to solve the brake lever.
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