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Five advantages

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Five advantages

  • Rich experience and strength

    Rich experience and strength

    Years of experience in the production of labeling equipment, timely capture of market demand, and constantly experiment with the combination of new technology materials and applications....

  • Strong production capacity

    Strong production capacity

    Our own factory, hundreds of square meters of production plants and more than 200 production staff, more than 80% of the production experience of the old staff, rich production experience and advanced production equipment combined....

  • Reasonable quality and price

    Reasonable quality and price

    Carrying out the concept of high quality and low price, own parts processing center and 20 years of production experience, eliminating intermediate links, real low cost and high quality....

  • Excellent design and development capabilities

    Excellent design and development capabilities

    The company has a CNC machining center and a highly precise lathe processing workshop. The entire production line is equipped with multiple inspection systems to ensure that each product is qualified....

  • Careful delivery service

    Careful delivery service

    From the time you place your order to the delivery of your products, Xinli will take care of every step of your order.

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