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A good plane labeling machine must have three characteristics

Time:2019-09-29 Views:1597
      Automatic labeling machine is a modern combination of machine, electricity, gas, light, magnetic mechanical and electronic equipment. Any product packaging will have a label, and the label of good or bad will directly affect the product image value and corporate image. In particular, the labeling machine is most widely used in the daily chemical, pharmaceutical and food industries, because they are closely related to the daily life of the public.
A good surface labeling machine
      Therefore, a good labeling machine should ensure at least the following three points:
      1, labeling speed: manufacturers will according to their own requirements, combined with the production line to determine the selection of labeling speed applicable plane labeling machine, because only comprehensive consideration to perfect match, to achieve the real labeling optimization, production rationalization, unified.
      2, labeling accuracy: labeling process belongs to the final packaging process of the product, so the labeling quality is directly related to the appearance and marketing of the product. Only the labeling accuracy is high, the speed is fast, the label is flat and does not wrinkle, does not bubble can be a symbol of quality products, otherwise it will virtually reduce the product grade.
      3, labeling stability: a good flat labeling machine only structural design is reasonable, each line he neat, and solid parts structure, mechanical and electrical are superior in quality to ensure the machine in normal operation under the condition of high load for a long time, only long-term stable operation of plane labeling machine can reduce production accident, reasonable production in order to meet user requirements, more can bring quality for the manufacturers, production of leap.
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