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Analysis of how to choose suitable for their own enterprises automatic labeling machine

Time:2019-10-09 Views:1562
      At present, there are numerous manufacturers of automatic labeling machine in the labeling market, which makes it easy for customers to have difficulty in choosing the automatic labeling machine that can guarantee their satisfaction and quality. Now you don‘t have to worry about these problems.
      Choose full-automatic labeling machine - choose bogao shenzhen full-automatic labeling machine, bogao logo is a collection of research and development, production, sales and after-sales service in one of the innovative production enterprises, the company has many years of production experience and professional after-sales team. The company‘s production of automatic labeling machine has advanced technology and quality, with a variety of types of automatic labeling machine, fully able to meet customer requirements for all kinds of automatic labeling. Below bogao shenzhen labeling plant tutor everyone how to choose suitable for their own enterprises automatic labeling machine.
Choose the right label manufacturer
      Choose suitable automatic labeling machine according to enterprise requirements
      1. First of all, we need to know the characteristics of the industry in which our company is located. What is the special requirement of the industry for mechanical equipment? For example, the toy industry, product adhesion accuracy requirements are very high.
      2, some enterprises in the choice of automatic labeling machine blind pursuit of high and complete, this will be a large investment, resulting in waste. If the enterprise development is good, flush with cash, need to improve efficiency, then select a (or several) labeling speed and production efficiency matching quality labeling machine, such as labeling machine configuration is higher, the price is relatively high, but the labeling of high precision, label level not foaming, low fault rate and flow can be the value of the realization of automatic labeling machine.
      3, if the enterprise in the early stage of development, the capacity requirements are not high, choose a common configuration of labeling machine or semi-automatic labeling machine can meet the production needs, but also can reduce the capital pressure. Define your own production needs. Including product varieties, specifications, quantity and output and production efficiency, whether to accept the production line, the customer combined with the front production line to determine the purchase of automatic labeling machine speed, in order to perfect match. General labeling machine speed adjustable, choose suitable for their own production range of automatic labeling machine is very ideal. For customers who choose labeling machine for the first time, they should send the samples and sample labels that need to be labeled to the manufacturer for evaluation and test, so as to reduce the risk of purchasing the machine.
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