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Automatic labeling machine bid break need to know three conditions

Time:2019-09-26 Views:1594
      Fully automatic labeling machine is widely used in practice, but we may more or less appear in the process of use some problems, such as bid break, in fact, in normal use, the phenomenon of bid break occurs from time to time, many people hope to find out the specific reasons. In fact, many people in the selection of automatic labeling machine for actual operation, will take into account the specific conditions of these operations, some problems may be avoided, in the next for automatic labeling machine for some common problems may do a good job.
Automatic labeling machine break mark
      Is there a gap at the bottom edge of the label?
      If automatic labeling machine in the process of actual printing off the case, this case, we must look at the label at the bottom of the edge if there are any cracks, embodied in the non-drying label, in general are also to the entire TAB at the bottom of the bottom paper leave some wider, only in this way can effectively avoid the crack problems in the process of use and handling, if it is a fully automatic labeling machine, so everyone in the actual use of time, must pay attention to the label on the whole, must have the tension, if the tension is insufficient, is likely to cause the broken, want to choose a paper label quality is relatively good.
      Die cutting quality is not good
      Die cutting quality for automatic labeling machine broken the situation will certainly impact, because if the pressure is bigger, is easy to cause the bottom have strong stretching, resulting in tensile strength relative decline, so it is possible to cause the entire automatic labeling machine broken target case, and may be in the position of incision and tears, can timely adjust screw, can guarantee right.
      Is the separation broken?
      In the fully automatic labeling machine for the actual printing of labeling, once the damage occurs in the layer separation, there will also be the phenomenon of marking breakage, which will be caused by various reasons.
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