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Automatic labeling machine is used in disposable tableware industry

Time:2019-08-14 Views:1920
      The person that wanderes outside commonly repast what use is disinfect tableware mostly, a set of heat shrink film shrink the bowl chopsticks that pack, cup dish, spoon. Heat shrink packaging, the film should often be sterilized with information about the company.
Automatic labeling machine is used in disposable tableware industry
      Now there is a form of disinfection tableware advertising is popular, such as table singing and drinking wanglaoji, tiandi no.1 and other related products. Advertising labels are most common on sterilized cutlery packages.
      This label can be manually posted to work, the speed is slower, the position consistency is not good. Such as large-scale disinfection tableware work, the need to use automatic labeling machine to achieve. There are mainly the following two kinds of labeling machines to realize this kind of disinfection tableware labeling, which can be selected according to the actual situation of the company:
      1. The tableware disinfection company operating on the assembly line can directly choose the assembly line labeling machine. The assembly line labeling machine is designed with a moving module and can be called to any part of the assembly line.
      Two, do not equip the disinfection tableware company of the assembly line, can choose the plane labeling machine, the labeling machine comes with the conveying platform, put the disinfection tableware on the conveying platform can be labeled automatically.
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