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Brief analysis of labeling machine on the label index requirements

Time:2019-09-30 Views:1585
      Now many industries for product labels as a reflection of brand culture as a form of expression, for this kind of brand label paste machine - label labeling machine attention is also increasing. The equipment that labels the product, conveys the product information and beautifies the product is playing an increasingly important role in the packaging industry, which is loved by the majority of users. In this case, we should understand the labeling machine on the label of the index requirements.
Labeling machine
      Surface material:
      The firmness and rigidity of the label is the key to mark, so it requires a certain strength and hardness of the surface material, the firmness and rigidity of the label and the thickness of the material and the area of the label, so the use of soft film materials, to increase its thickness appropriately, generally controlled above 100 microns. Thin paper materials, such as 60-70g /m2 label paper, are generally not suitable for large labels, but suitable for processing into small labels, such as the price tag used on the price gun. The poor firmness of the label will lead to labeling, or the label with the backing paper rewinding, so that automatic labeling failure.
      Also known as stripping force, is the label off the backing paper when the force. The release force is related to the type of adhesive, thickness and silicon coating on the surface of the backing paper, as well as the ambient temperature when labeling. Mold release force is too small, label in the process of conveying easy to lose the label (from the backing paper); From the force is too large, the label off the backing paper is difficult, unable to label. Various technical indexes should be controlled comprehensively to make the releasing force within a reasonable range.
      The bottom paper:
      It is also an important index to control automatic labeling. The surface of the backing paper is required to be uniformly coated with silicon and the parting force is consistent. Uniform thickness, good tensile strength, to ensure that the labeling does not break; Uniform thickness, good light transmission, ensure that the sensor correctly identify the position of the label.
      Processing quality:
      It is required that the two sides of the backing paper should be flat and without any break, so as to avoid the breaking of the backing paper when the tension changes. Die cutting to avoid cutting through the bottom paper or destroy the silicon coating layer, the bottom paper and silicon coating layer is destroyed easy to appear in the bottom paper break or label adhesive infiltration of the bottom paper, there is no label and tear the bottom paper phenomenon. In addition, before labeling, the static electricity in the web label should be eliminated, because static electricity will cause labeling or labeling is not correct.
      For products, the label itself has its own corporate culture and social background, in the rapid development of the long period of precipitation and accumulation, can let the connotation become more rich. So the label labeling machine in order to protect the quality of goods but also to improve their own, so as to attract and retain users.
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