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Daily round bottle labeling machine maintenance and disinfection need to pay attention to

Time:2019-08-14 Views:1920
      Round bottle labeling machine is used for labeling dynamic synchronous tension control of round bottles or cylindrical objects to supply labels, stable and fast to ensure the speed of labeling and labeling accuracy. The dividing mechanism USES the synchronous sponge wheel for stepless speed regulation, and the spacing between bottles can be set arbitrarily. The label is attached to the bottle at the same speed as the sticker wheel. When the conveyor belt reaches a specific location, the tag belt drive wheel will accelerate to match the speed of the conveyor belt, label, and then decelerate to a stop.
Daily round bottle labeling machine maintenance and disinfection need to pay attention to
      The working principle of the round bottle labeling machine is that the box is fed to the labeling machine at a constant speed on the conveyor belt. The dividing device on the round bottle labeling machine separates the boxes at a fixed distance and causes the bottles to move along the direction of the conveyor belt to the labeling system of the labeling machine. The labeling system periodically drags the label belt to move, and the label belt is pulled out of the reel. At the same time, after passing the labeling wheel, the labeling wheel will attach the label to the bottle. An open-loop displacement control is used on the spool to maintain the tension of the tag strap because the tags are tightly connected to each other on the tag strap, so the tag strap must constantly start and stop.
      Round bottle labeling machine this kind of equipment in a long time after the use of the equipment need to be cleaned and disinfected, but often many users do not pay attention to this work. We should know that after a long time in the round bottle labeling machine after the use of internal parts, parts will produce a lot of dirt not timely cleaning is likely to cause damage to the equipment. So we must pay enough attention to the round bottle labeling machine cleaning and disinfection, following small make up to understand it together!
      When we say that the circular labeling machine needs to be cleaned and disinfected, we mean that the equipment needs to be maintained and maintained, but in a different way. First of all, when you understand how to clean and disinfect the process, briefly explain why you want to clean and disinfect? The reasons are as follows; After a long time of use, parts wear has reached the extreme range. Besides, the environment used is too humid and the damage caused by human factors causes the bacteria to breed on the surface and causes the rust and corrosion of the equipment material. Therefore, it needs to be completed within the prescribed period, parts replacement, derusting and cleaning.
      Disinfection and cleaning procedures of round bottle labeling machine are as follows:
      1. Disassemble the whole machine parts in order according to the user‘s instructions, and put them in specific positions to avoid confusion.
      2. Clean the surface stains of the core operating parts first, and then drop them into the special lubricating oil for reducing friction.
      3. For the rusty conveyor belt, label turning head, machine surface and touch operation screen, wipe with a soft cloth dripping with 90% ethanol solution. (remember: do not use water for core parts cleaning)
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