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Explain in detail why the automatic labeling machine

Time:2020-05-28 Views:488
      The labeling machine has deviated or shifted labeling, 1. The labeling standing position is not correct; 2. Excessive gluing; 3. Box tilt; 4. The drum is not properly adjusted; 5. The label brush device is not well adjusted; 6, bottle star wheel or friction strip wear; 7. The label blowing device is too dirty or not properly adjusted.
      Solutions: 1. Adjust the labeling station; 2. 2. Adjust the scraping device; 3. Adjust the standard box; 4, adjust the drum adjustment brush device; 5. Adjust the star wheel or replace the friction bar; 6. Replace the bottle star wheel device; 7. Dredge and adjust the blower;
Explain in detail why the automatic labeling machine
      The labeling position of the labeling machine is unstable
      1. The belt pressing device may not be pressed tight, resulting in loose tape and inaccurate electric eye detection. Press the label to solve.
      2, the traction mechanism may slip or not pressed, resulting in a smooth removal of the bottom paper. Pressure traction mechanism to solve the problem, too tight situation will pull the slanting label, to be able to pull the normal paper as the best. (usually if the bottom paper is wrinkled when pulled out, it should be pressed too tightly.)
      3. The object attached has different shapes or positioning. Control product quality.
      4. The placement of the attached object should be parallel to the direction of marking (note whether the product is in position during the labeling process, and the left support bar can be appropriately raised a little higher than the right one).
      5. The object to be attached should be rotated smoothly at the labeling station (please note that it should not touch the stripper). If the object is too light, the pole should be lowered to hold down the object to be attached
      6. In the double-label state, the single-label label (1) after the single-label label is issued, the workpiece keeps turning, because the delay of the second label is not set, and the machine is in the state of waiting for the label signal of the second label. (2) the workpiece stops after a single label is issued. Because there is signal interference in the electrical eye of the test mark (reset the electrical eye) or the delay control is abnormal (click 2 after two clicks, then click 1 after two clicks).
      The labeling machine is abnormal
      1. Maybe the accuracy of your electric eye is not enough. Adjust the sensitivity, or change it.
      2. Is there something wrong with the bidding motor? If you use a stepper motor, try a servo motor!
      3. If there is no problem in mechanical or electrical aspects, it is the problem of the label. The label itself is not accurate enough, and the different length will affect the accuracy of the label
      If you encounter these small problems in the production process, you don‘t need to contact the manufacturer directly for maintenance. You may be able to find out the reasons and solve them, which will not affect the production.
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