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Express labeling machine common labeling scheme

Time:2019-09-18 Views:1686
      In recent years, the rapid development of the caller industry, a variety of hot style packages, every day tens of thousands of packages need to be packaged, sealed, veneer sheet and other work. Manual operation is no longer able to meet the normal delivery needs of the tens of thousands of large sellers of parcels, let alone improve the fast delivery service of merchants, send parcels faster, improve the delivery speed, and let buyers get a better shopping experience. Big sellers demand efficient automated delivery labeling machines for standard package packaging.
Express labeling machine
      For automatic labeling machine enterprises, logistics express single labeling machine, there are actually large market opportunities, such as environmental protection packaging, intelligent packaging, and other relevant enterprises should seize this opportunity, pay attention to technology research and development and innovation, optimize the enterprise chain. We believe that in the near future, science and technology will have great changes, will also bring unlimited opportunities for the development of automatic labeling machine industry.
      In addition, there is also a need for packaging stickers for different non-standard express packages. Here‘s a look at the different solutions for standard express packages and automated stickers for packages of different sizes.
      1. Automatic solution for package sticker
      Regular carton surface stickers express bill (real-time printing function can be added). For the same size of express mail surface stickers, 12,000 can be pasted at the first hour, which greatly improves the work efficiency and is enough to meet the high efficiency demands of most businesses.
      2. Side stickers of non-standard products: side stickers of products of different specifications
      Different specifications of express packages, side stickers, positioning stickers. But the speed is relatively slow, can stick 1200 pieces per hour.
      Three, non - standard products on the surface: different height of the express posted surface
      For different specifications of express package stickers, it is necessary to be firm about the customer‘s existing equipment, site, speed requirements, different size range of products, etc. After comprehensive consideration from multiple aspects, the specific sticker program is given.
      The above three express labeling methods are actually quick labeling solutions for standard and multi-specification express packages. It is relatively easy to stick the sheet plan of standard products. For express package products with multiple specifications, we need to issue the plan according to the actual situation of customers. Make sure it‘s on that side. The above introduction is mainly on the plane, side two ways of express labeling machine, for special product requirements and environment, bottom labeling may also be applied. Bogor logo technology can tailor products to customers‘ needs.
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