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General custom round bottle labeling machine how much

Time:2019-10-11 Views:1793
      Round bottle labeling machine, is a cylindrical product universal labeling machine, standard machine shipments are very large. Standard machine refers to the general drawings, general accessories, can be mass production of the machine, at present, bo high circle bottle label machine factory for 30-120mm, 30-230mm height of the product, label height in 150mm label products, with standard round bottle label machine can meet the demand. Beyond this size, it is necessary to customize an exclusive round bottle labeling machine.
General custom round bottle labeling machine how much
      In terms of customization, it is mainly designed for size. The diameter and height of the product are within the compatible range, but the label height is over 150mm. We need to increase the size of the stripper board that is attached to the label head. The design around the label is now rod, which belongs to simple customization. The diameter of the product needs to be widened for conveying. At present, the conveying width is designed to 300mm in the round bottle labeling machine made by bogao labeling machine factory, which is for labeling of a chemical barrel. If both the product and the label exceed the compatible size, the whole device needs to be enlarged, especially the super-large label. For example, if the label height reaches 250mm and the length reaches 400mm, in addition to increasing the size of the machine, some peripheral devices are also needed to assist labeling. Because the bigger the tag, the harder it is to label. In the large label flat labeling, bogao identification technology perfect solution.
      So how much does this custom round bottle labeling machine cost? If only the label height and size exceed the standard, the required cost is not high. If the design is to be enlarged, the cost should be calculated according to the specific size of the product. What we do is to add the cost of materials and other expenses on the standard machine, so the cost is thousands or even tens of thousands more than the standard machine is within the normal range.
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