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How does the vertical labeling machine work?

Time:2019-09-29 Views:1609
      Labeling machine in people‘s life now is very widely used, products to build brand effect, typically own label, so that the goods are better sales, vertical labeling machine is used to label for the item of mechanical equipment, it USES paper reel label in to stick mark time is rolling stick way, the labeling process is done automatically to operate, it can automatically put the bottle, then label, then put the bottle away.
How does the vertical labeling machine work
      Vertical labeling machine can complete automated packaging process, because it is at the bottom of the bracket is installed on the conveyor line, and the wheels of the bottle, and decorate for target, and rolling device, among devices and sensors, and the microcomputer control system and so on, thus make the whole operation process is completed, it can first placed to label object to the device conveyor chain plate, and then send the underlying motor can start and make the label in the buffer storage after the full stop, this time the light of equipment inductance Qiao will start, equipment out of the motor will start, the equipment is a label, Then stick it on the surface of the object, at this time, the paper receiving motor starts to work again, making the slider slide to a certain position and stop. The tag photoelectric can sense the spacing position of the tag and play a role in controlling the operation and stop of the motor. When the tag is pasted, the device will automatically stop marking. When the label is attached to the surface, the clamping mechanism will make the label more neatly, and the whole labeling process is completed.
      Vertical labeling machine, makes the labeling work smoothly and high quality can be done and stick mark on the object, the object to be delivered to the chain plate, and then to stick will gradually enter the object, the equipment can work automatically to complete the label, make stick mark efficiency is very high, and the use of the device label posted by quality is very good, so it is more and more widely applied.
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