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How long will it take to customize the labeling machine?

Time:2019-10-11 Views:1522
      The delivery time of labeling machine, from zero to shipment, needs 10-30 days, or longer, or longer. Why does it take so long to build a labeling machine?
How long will it take to customize the labeling machine
      We do labeling machine manufacturers, labeling machine is very familiar with a standard labeling machine drawing file nearly 200, each drawing file needs to carry out metal processing process, for aluminum alloy material parts, also need oxidation process. These processes and oxidation down, a week passed. In fact, a labeling machine as long as the material is complete, assembly to debugging does not need too much time, a day can be several. The main time is still spent on the production of labeling machine.
      If the non-label labeling machine, it needs a longer time. This time is divided into three parts. The first part is the design stage. After the design, it is necessary to conduct production design on the structure and debug after assembly. During the assembly and debugging, it may be necessary to change the design, so it will take longer and cost more.
      Now, the standard labeling machine of bogao shenzhen labeling machine factory, the general delivery time is 3-5 days, we have realized the mass order production mode, only need to arrange production and assembly.
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