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How to adjust the labeling machine in operation

Time:2019-09-29 Views:1588
      If a machine is not very flexible, we can make mechanical adjustments, or the use of the effect is not very good, or worse, that is ok, labeling machine is the same, so labeling machine in operation how to adjust? Below let bo high shenzhen plane labeling machine factory small make up to tell us.
      1. Loosen the fixing screw on the web paper plate, remove the plexiglass plate, and adjust the position of the back plate so that the web paper plate is at the center line of the paper tape. After the fixing screw, install the paper plate 1 and the front plate of the plexiglass, and fix it with the screw. Finally, check whether the rotation of the web paper plate is flexible, if not flexible, follow the above steps to further adjust until flexible.
How to adjust the labeling machine
      2. Requirements for wearing label tape: first check whether all rollers on the route of label tape are flexible. If not, adjust them until flexible. The belt passing method is carried out in the direction of the red line on the view. Special attention should be paid to the passing of the label tape in the space of the photoelectric sensor to ensure the normal operation of the photoelectric signaling device.
      3. Try to label: put to stick mark on the bottle on the conveyor belt, adjust the bar around bottle bar, close to the volume label device, adjusting the distance from top to bottom, before and after each motor switch button, and then start two groups of photoelectric switch button, put a few bottles to try to stick, first check the posted whether meet the requirements, the paper suggests that try it by labeling phase, can be mass production.
      4. In case of any accident during test run and production, the operator can press the emergency shutdown device.
      5. If there is any broken bottle glass or sundries in the labeling process, stop the machine immediately, and continue the production after cleaning.
      6. Shutdown: when it is necessary to stop production, each switch should be turned off first, and finally the general power supply should be turned off.
      If you want to know more about how to adjust the labeling machine in operation, you can click on bogao shenzhen plane labeling machine factory‘s website page to browse!
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