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How to quickly judge the true and false labeling machine factory

Time:2019-09-18 Views:1653
      How to find a label machine manufacturer? How to distinguish whether it is a real labeling machine manufacturers? Let me explain to you "how to quickly judge the true and false labeling machine manufacturers".
      Labeling machine manufacturers, just as its name implies is the manufacturer of manufacturing labeling machinery, and dealers agents different, manufacturers, has its own processing workshop, production lines, plant facilities and other basic factory features.
How to judge true and false label machine factory
      With the rapid development of e-commerce, a large number of labeling machine product sale information also began on the Internet, whether it is not the manufacturer, we are all in the name of label vendors would in publicity, in fact many people labeling machine it does not produce, but rather get from other manufacturers of goods and then sold to consumers, for many customers want to buy directly in the factory caused some problems. How to quickly identify a production-type labeller among so much information becomes a headache. The following teach you a few ways, can initially determine whether it is really labeled machine manufacturers.
      1. Hold valid "three certificates", including business license, organization code certificate and tax registration certificate, which must be within the validity period;
      2.There‘s a free 400 number. Although 400 number does not explain the important issues, it is easy to do, but the formal manufacturers or enterprises, 400 phone is as a part of the brand image, indispensable, this is a small factor to consider;
      3. Have their own official website, and the website content is rich, illustrated (also can pay attention to the website, whether the website is connected with the brand or the main product, see whether there is a clue), only a page or little content of the "official website", suggest careful consideration;
      4. Own production workshop, including the most basic departments such as machining workshop, assembly workshop, debugging workshop and product display workshop; If there is no processing workshop, assembly workshop, the basic can be determined not to label machine manufacturers.
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