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How to repair the broken automatic labeling machine?

Time:2019-09-17 Views:1700
      In the modern industry, many enterprises are using automatic labeling machine, once the product equipment is broken, how to repair, it has become the most people want to know one thing, automatic labeling machine is broken, how to do maintenance, actually everyone in this hope can through various ways to carry out all aspects of understanding.
Automatic labeling machine
      (1) adjust the brush pressing device
      During the actual maintenance of the automatic labeling machine, various adjustments should be made according to the actual situation. During the actual adjustment of the whole toothbrush center, more symmetrical conditions must be taken into account, and all the pressure brushes must be perpendicular to the surface. In this case, and then consider more vertical conditions, for the whole head of the adjustment must do a good job of the relevant adjustment.
      (2) label box adjustment
      Automatic labeling machine in actual regulation, combined with the specific situation to do a good job in effectively regulate mediation for now if you want to do, all the clearance is basically controlled between 0.8 mm to a mm, and the gap is too big can also cause the whole shift condition, a gap clearance is too small will make all pushed the confusing, at the time of the standard and the actual adjustment, basically also considering the hook up and down or so, in the same vertical plane must take into account more adjustment form, so the label roller adjustment must be well done, The pressure plate of the label should be equipped with various adjustment lines when making adjustments.
      (3) adjustment of standard stations
      Automatic labeling machine in actual stick mark, if there is a gap, completely can do it by adjusting the eccentric bolt to adjust, and adjust the time to take into account any contact between the pressure, to ensure that no pressure, if the clearance is too large, the glue on the label must be too much, can lead to jilt falls, clearance if too small, contact will be tight, will all the glue to edge out. Practice has proved that the clearance between the standard plate and the hose is usually controlled between 0.1mm and 0.2mm.
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