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How to select suitable labeling machine?

Time:2019-09-11 Views:1717
How to select suitable labeling machine? Choosing a high-quality automatic labeling machine can not only improve work efficiency, but also save a lot of disputes with suppliers, which is also the so-called "use rest assured, use worry". So how do you get there? At ordinary times we in order to choose and buy a favorite mobile phone or computer, will inevitably collect a lot of information about mobile phone computer model and functional aspects on the Internet, will make a preliminary understanding, decide to buy which brand model of mobile phone or computer. Actually labeling machine also is such, it needs to be customers in each relevant post bar in the BBS and other online information, will buy from a friend or friends about labeling machine, we will decide after the preliminary understanding to whose website consultation, and then only after more than buying will make a decision under the shenzhen bo high identification technology to provide you with two choices tip of labeling machine.
How to select suitable labeling machine?
1. Know your own production status
First of all, according to their own company product output and power, if the output is big, the popularity of the product shape and labeling position, then you can consider to choose a fully automatic labeling machine, if your product shape is more special, labeling position also requires a certain accuracy, in this case you will need to contact the relevant engineers to evaluate, the reason is that the current domestic and international market of automatic labeling machine technology is difficult to achieve accurate labeling of non-standard products. Therefore, you can switch to some semi-automatic labeling machine equipment. Although semi-automatic labeling machine is not as fast as automatic labeling machine in speed, semi-automatic labeling machine can make better labeling effect through the operator‘s own experience. Because the semi-automatic labeling machine can be operated by people, it is more convenient for management. If production is guaranteed, you can buy more than one to make up for the lack of speed.
How to select suitable labeling machine
2. Know the price of automatic labeling machine
Labeling machine is often not used alone, it is generally used with capping machine, filling machine, sealing machine and other mechanical equipment. The price of the labeling machine also depends on the performance, accuracy and efficiency of the labeling machine, but also includes the flexibility of the operation of the labeling machine. Therefore, the price of labeling machine as little as 2-3 million, more than 100 million, of course, more than 20 million also have. Choose labeling machine according to the needs of enterprise products, for example, the products produced by enterprises have different kinds of packaging, then we can develop a non-labeling machine, so as to meet our production.
How to select suitable labeling machine? Through the above introduction, the choice of automatic labeling machine you may have a certain understanding, for the first time to use customer labeling machine, because the performance and application of labeling machine is strange, as much as possible to send the sample and standard need to stick mark label factory, make labeling machine manufacturer for evaluation and testing, to reduce the risk of your buyers feasibility.
On the labeling machine development, shenzhen bo high logo has a senior automation equipment development and manufacturing team, software system development and implementation team, the core members of our team has ten years experience in related industry, dedicated to provide customers with the integration of the overall solution, to ensure that the customer project implement smoothly to the greatest extent, shorten the implementation cycle time, realize the seamless integration of hardware and software system.
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