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It is important for the manufacturer to understand the customer‘s needs

Time:2019-10-06 Views:1527
      Today, with the rapid development of society, it is very important for various industries to understand, analyze and make decisions on the market in the process of development. In the labeling machine industry, it is also necessary to clarify the market demand and design production equipment according to the market demand, so as to make the industry‘s development prospects broader. However, it is equally important that few businesses truly identify, capture, and track changing customer needs. Below bo high shenzhen labeling machine factory small make up and everyone together analysis and analysis.
Labeling machine manufacturer
      1. Product demand.
      Similar to people‘s basic needs for food, clothing, housing and transportation, customers‘ basic needs are related to products, including the function, performance, quality and price of products. The average customer wants to obtain the high performance, the high quality product at the lower price, and, thinks this is the most basic request. So far, those customers with weak purchasing power still rely on the quality and price of products as the main basis of purchase. In the 1980s, China was relatively short of supplies, and customer demand was almost entirely based on product demand. Whoever can offer the product with higher sex/price ratio will be successful.
      2. Service requirements.
      As people‘s purchasing power increases, so does customer demand. When purchasing, people no longer only pay attention to the product, but also pay attention to the after-sales service of the product, including: door-to-door delivery of the product, installation, debugging, maintenance, return and other services guarantee. People are not only satisfied with good products and services, but also want to get, timely and timely solutions.
      Good product + good service promise can not make customers completely satisfied. Just think, why does the same good product produce different effects and benefits in different customers? The same good service commitment why some customers are satisfied, some customers are not satisfied. The reason lies in that: due to the increase of technological content and complexity of products, the realization of product performance and benefits no longer only depends on the quality of products and simple installation services, but also depends on a good product application implementation plan, timely and effective. Customers do not welcome, or even dislike, service providers who promise good service but cannot solve problems in a timely and effective manner
      3. Experience requirements
      When purchasing, customers do not want to passively accept the service provider‘s advertising, but want to do a "experience" of the product. Customers gradually from purely passive procurement, to actively participate in product planning, design, program determination, "experience" creative, design, decision-making and other processes. Every time and space point of interaction with customers, such as a, a share, a technical exchange, an inspection, a dinner, etc., is an experience for customers. Customers want every experience to feel enjoyable and productive. It can be seen that customers‘ demand in experience is not the product or service that can replace or cover, but a higher level of demand after the product or service needs are met.
      Labeling machine manufacturer from the perspective of the development of long-term, after-sales service is indispensable, after-sales service is not, of course, image engineering, also is not to deceive consumers, attention to service, to act, be honest in the face of consumer, immediately handle complaints from consumers, consumers to accept criticism, whole-hearted service, timely service, service, high quality, high performance products can attract consumers, and good after-sales service can prompt consumers to make up my mind to buy automatic labeling machine main factors.
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