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It is very important to realize the environmental protection development of labeling machine industry

Time:2019-10-14 Views:1500
      After the reform and opening up, people generally pay attention to the development of the economy and often neglect the protection of the environment. It was not until the frequent environmental problems in recent years that we sounded the alarm and people gradually realized the importance of sustainable development. Countries have introduced relevant policies to promote green environmental protection action, in the 12th five-year plan in view of global warming, environmental pollution serious problem formulated the corresponding measures, such as in many industries, including labeling machine industry will shall practise a system of relevant systems to strengthen resource conservation and management, developing recycled economy, intensify all aspects of environmental protection. Bogao labeling machine manufacturers have always had a far-sighted vision, according to the future labeling machine industry overall macro development goals, has developed a series of development measures, to become the labeling machine industry environmental pioneer.
It is very important to realize the environmental protection development of labeling machine industry
      In fact, in the development of the entire economic market, the packaging industry is very able to reflect the future economic development direction, because the packaging industry itself is a secondary industry serving many industries, and has a close relationship with the development of many industries. Therefore, once the development direction of the market changes, it will be more obvious in the packaging industry, so labeling machine as an important pillar of the packaging industry is no exception. As early as 2002, qu geping, member of environmental resources wei committee of the National People‘s Congress (NPC), pointed out in an interview with the media that it is necessary to realize the green packaging legislation in China, and relevant environmental protection laws will be formulated for the packaging industry in due course. Therefore, it is very correct and necessary to choose the road of environmental protection.
      How to realize environmentally friendly packaging has become the historical responsibility of the labeling machine industry in China, but also in line with the general consumer consumption concept of the inevitable requirements. We all know that in the process of packaging, labeling machine play an important role, is an essential part of goods before finishing stage, and the product label is beneficial to consumers and manufacturers, how to realize the development of environmental protection of the labeling machine industry for the environmental protection development of packaging industry is very important. Environmental requirements of the labeling machine is according to the requirements of enterprise environmental economic as well as the objective demand of consumers, and decided to have a new type of labeling machine equipment for small, use, save the label and labeling precision higher advantages, and in the process of using the noise is small, material consumption, almost does not produce waste, realize the resource of energy conservation and environmental protection. In order to better realize the environmental protection development of economy, enterprises and individuals must start from themselves, establish good environmental protection consciousness and strive to be the pioneer of environmental protection.
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