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Label machine conveyor belt how to maintain

Time:2019-09-28 Views:1609
      Perhaps, in many people‘s opinion, we only need to maintain the machine can, for other machines need to use things, we do not need to maintain, in fact, we need to protect all aspects, labeling machine is the same, then labeling machine conveyor belt how to maintain it? Below let bo high shenzhen label machine factory small make up to tell us about.
How to maintain the label machine conveyor belt
      1. Try not to put products in the device when it is turned on, and put products only when the device is turned on normally. Because the machine equipment starts the moment, the acceleration is relatively large, the load is easy to cause the vibration, to the belt too much load will affect its life.
      2. Ensure that the conveyor belt runs normally without deviation, and correct it in time to avoid uneven load.
      3. Ensure that the conveyor belt is clean and free of any obstacles. If there are any obstacles, remove them in time.
      4. Do not use abnormal gravity when placing the product, so as not to increase the load.
      5. The running speed of conveyor belt should be within the specified range, too fast speed will increase wear.
      6. The conveyor belt shall not scrape or touch the support or guardrail on the side when working, and shall be adjusted in time.
      7. Do not spill water or other chemical liquid on the conveyor belt to avoid corrosion.
      8. Conveyor belt cannot be adjusted too tight, too tight is easy to increase wear.
      9. If the belt is unusually stuck or broken, please contact the service engineer immediately.
      If you want to know more about how to maintain the conveyor belt labeling machine information, you can click on the bogao shenzhen labeling machine factory‘s website page to browse!
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