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Labeling machine also need care, the following you know

Time:2019-10-19 Views:1449
      How much do you know about the daily maintenance of labeling machine? Do you know what operation is proper for an automatic round bottle labeling machine? What details should be paid attention to after the label is installed to ensure smooth delivery of the bid in the working process? And why there is labeling machine working process labeling skew, label shift, label damage and other phenomena? Of course, your first reaction to these problems may be to pick up the phone and immediately contact the supplier and conduct a series of "cross-questioning". In fact, you can calmly solve the above small problems yourself, provided that you have the ability to control the labeling machine. It‘s like taking care of your precious car. Although it is not necessary to regularly go to "4s store" for a system test, the following Suggestions still need to be implemented. The following is shenzhen bogao sign technology co., ltd. to give the specific details of the operation.
Labeling machine also need care, the following you know
      First of all, how to properly install the label label machine label paper
      1. When adding a label, it is necessary to ensure that the label is under proper pressure. If the pressure is too high, the label will be misaligned, and accelerating the label will also cause some wear and tear.
      2. Label alignment should be ensured when adding labels. The first label should be maintained at 0.1~0.2mm between guide forks and the clamping finger should press the label evenly on the edge strip. After the fingers are opened, the sponges need to press the label on the bottle. Finally, the horizontal and vertical positioning plate needs to be adjusted to ensure that the label will not be skewed.
      Secondly, labeling machine to work out the standard detection, automatic round bottle labeling machine, for one, when the bottle through the conveyor belt to label position, need to ensure that the brush brush vertical smoothly will tag uniform pressure, the process, if the pressure is insufficient or labeling position in metropolitan skewed, so it need the operator attention, when found labeling askew, brush should adjust the pressure.
      Third, hot melt adhesive label machine use process need to pay attention to the following points
      1. When the adhesive layer thickness of the label plate is too thick, it should be cleaned in time, otherwise the label will be displaced.
      2, the glue temperature should be moderate, the temperature is too low will lead to a drop in viscosity, labeling is not accurate. If the temperature is too high, the overflow of glue will affect the appearance of the product. Therefore, the use of glue should be adjusted according to the temperature required by the standard paper.
      3, the combination of products to choose the appropriate standard paper, this is very important, in this small series recommend shenzhen bogao logo technology co., ltd. a professional labeling machine packaging machinery manufacturers, in the standard paper selection, according to the product characteristics and output requirements to develop a detailed plan.
      Finally, label labeling machine should be cleaned regularly, such as rotating wheel, label box, scraper, cots, etc. Familiarity is the premise of mastery, details determine the length of use. A little more care will surely bring greater value.
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