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Page labeling machine performance advantages

Time:2019-08-14 Views:1940
      Pagination labeling machine is also called card labeling machine, powerful, especially suitable for a piece of a bag, a stack of a stack of paper card products such as sticker labels.
      Working principle of the paging labeling machine, the integration of automatic paging structure and the function of the labeling machine. After passing through the paging mechanism, a stack of products is automatically separated and entered into the conveyor belt in a neat and spaced manner, and then fed to the lower part of the labeling mechanism. After the sensing signal is transmitted to the control system, the control motor sends out the label and attaches it to the position of the product to be labeled.
Page labeling machine performance advantages
      Page-type labeling machine features: the core technology lies in the paging machine, paging machine is a pile or a stack of paper, plastic bags, CARDS for separation and finally through the labeling machine labeling.
      Labeling machine factory page labeling machine adopts the exclusive new type of sub-card mechanism, sub-card stability, advanced sort-reverse (or reverse wheel) paging machine, card sorting rate is far higher than the general sub-card mechanism; In paging machine using worm worm gear regulating reverse wheel up and down height (products) to adapt to different thickness, worm wheel and worm smooth operation, low noise, small vibration, prevent reversal, with large speed ratio, can put the direction of the wheel move the trip to share more fine, to quickly adjust to the height of the need, reduce the time-consuming adjust machine.
      Labeling machine manufacturer‘s labeling machine can meet all kinds of CARDS, PE bags, anti-static bags, paper items labeling, suitable for the folding carton labeling, labeling accuracy is stable, using the top roller to pressure the workpiece, smooth delivery, not up, to ensure the labeling accuracy.
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