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Share the detailed process of labeling by automatic labeling machine

Time:2019-10-11 Views:1513
      How does automatic labeling machine label? There are a lot of friends looking for this answer on the Internet. As a label machine manufacturer bogao logo can give you a simple and easy to understand the answer. Automatic labeling machine labeling is through the stripping - labeling - three processes of overlabeling. The whole process needs to be implemented by the following physical mechanisms, and before we get to that, we need to understand the following characteristics of such tags.
Share the detailed process of labeling by automatic labeling machine
      Automatic labeling machine labels are mainly sticker labels, label finished products are rolled, a large roll of continuous labels around the paper tube. The label has two layers, and the label itself is one layer. The second time is a kind of material called grassine backing paper. The labels are evenly arranged on the backing paper one by one. The grassine backing paper of the label is an oily backing paper. The label can be pasted on the backing paper, but the label is removed without affecting the adhesive layer of the label, just like our double-sided adhesive.
      Now, let‘s talk about labeling. Our label is installed on the label head, the label head is driven by the motor, the label is completed by stripping (the label from the backing paper), feeding (the stripped label needs to be sent to the back of the product) and recycling the backing paper process. The marking head stripping mechanism is a piece of metal with a blunt blade at the front end resembling an open edge on one side. The label twists around it, pulls it forward, and the label comes off the backing paper. After peeling, due to the stickiness of the whole label and the backing paper, this stickiness is a smooth force during the continuous movement to send the label to the object to be labeled.
      The label is stripped off and sent to the labeled product. What is left is the need to put the entire label flat on the product, that is to say, the overlay. Overmark is a process of movement, different types of situation is different, we take a round bottle and flat sticker machine two to illustrate. Flat labeling machine, the label is sent to the product, the product continues to move forward, the label follows the product forward, so the label is back up. Round bottle labeling machine, how is a rotating mechanism to label, think about it, the round bottle in the coating mechanism has been rotating, peeling the label a section stuck to the product, the bottle rotation with the label rotation.
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