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Solutions to common problems of labeling machine

Time:2019-09-20 Views:1659
Basically, every product in our life can be labeled with a label. Therefore, labeling by labeling machine is a must for every product. We need this equipment to work in production. These lessons are worth learning!
The labeling machine is out of order
Labeling machine common fault treatment methods do not respond to boot
1. Confirm that there is no problem with the power cord.
2. Confirm whether the fuse next to the outlet is intact. If it is burnt out, please replace it.
3. The wiring inside the electrical box may be loose, please ask a professional to repair it.
4. If the relay is damaged, replace the 24V relay.
Misalignment of common faults of labeling machine
1. The paper limit position is not adjusted well. Re-adjust to ensure the accuracy of paper feeding.
2. If the product is not put in the right place, please replay the product.
3. The support rod is not parallel to the axis of the bottle, and the bottle deviates during rotation. Adjust the parallelism to ensure that the bottle is rotated without deviation.
The label of common faults of the labeling machine is attached to the driving shaft
The labeling machine is out of order
1. The glue is too thin. When the label passes the driving shaft, the glue will flow to the driving shaft.
2. If there is too much glue, adjust the interval between the scraper block and the gluing wheel.
Common faults four: labeling machine feeding is not smooth
Treatment method:
1. If the paper limit position is adjusted too tight, readjust the limit block.
2, from the paper claw adhesion, clean the paper claw.
3, divide paper more than one, adjust the gap between the paper wheel and the paper platform.
Common fault five: label mechanical and electrical machine kept rotating
Treatment method:
1. Generally, it is abnormal detected by the beacon sensor, and the label cannot be identified. Then you need to observe whether the passing position of the tag is detected by the target sensor. Or if the sensor is damaged, you may need to replace it.
2. The speed of separating labels from the motor is too fast, and there is no gap between labels, which interferes with detection. We can adjust by reducing the speed of the motor.
Have you learned how to solve common problems of labeling machine? The labeling machine we produce is a good equipment that has been improved after many times of experiments by researchers. It is suitable for labeling with various shapes and appearances, such as round bottles, wrapping paper, cartons and so on. We can choose our automatic labeling machine of bo gao biao. Let you save plant space, improve work efficiency, save production equipment! ​​​​
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