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Stick label machine stick label deviation, wrinkled label, crooked label how to deal with?

Time:2019-09-20 Views:1704
Labeling machine labeling deviation, wrinkle, tilt often see three problems very affect our work efficiency, in the end is the labeling machine factory production problems, or our daily operations affect the normal production of labeling machine, if there is deviation, wrinkle, tilt how to deal with? See small make up for everyone‘s summary!
Labeling machine labeling
1. Causes and treatment of deviation of labeling machine labeling:
1. The peel plate is not parallel to the fixed seat during installation (that is, the peel plate is not perpendicular to the machine head plate);
2. During the process of labeling, there is the phenomenon of bidding pull, and the bidding is not smooth;
3. The stripper plate is used for a long time, the stripper mouth is worn, and one side is high and the other side is low, resulting in uneven pulling force, making the label off-track.
Ii. Causes and treatment measures for wrinkling of labeling machine:
For example, the ratio of product delivery speed and labeling speed is 1:1. When the labeling speed reaches 2 and the conveying speed remains unchanged, the label of the latter part of the label will be formed to extrude the label of the former part, resulting in the folded label on the product.
2. Early bid out, the product has not reached the bid out position, and the label has started to bid out. The label out of the head means that the electric eye on the conveyor detects that the product has entered and sends out the bid out command.
For example, after detecting the product for 2 seconds, the marked product just reaches the labeled position. If the marked product has not arrived within 1.5 seconds of the label, the label will be marked prematurely.
3, stroking mark brush brush mark strength is too large; The surface of the bottle body is not smooth, the wheel attached mechanism clamps the bottle too tight; Out of the label frequency is too slow, the product obviously pull the label.
Marking machine run marking
3. Treatment measures for the reasons of labeling machine labeling skewed bid:
1. The strip plate is not perpendicular to the attached object. The strip plate is not perpendicular to the product, which directly leads to one side of the label being high and the other side being low.
2. The label moves up and down in the bid out process, and the label tension is not enough to wrap around the pole and other parts without pressing the label;
3. The volume label wheel is attached to move up and down, and the attached object is moved when it passes through the wheel;
4. The bid out frequency does not match the host speed, and there are signs of bid out or bid out;
5. After peeling off the label, the label is still a long distance away from the contact surface of the labeled object, which causes the label to be inclined when it touches the product. Adjust the upper and lower head screw, put the product on the stripper board, and adjust the head screw to shorten the direct distance between the stripper board and the product.
6. If the distance between the peeling board and the pasted object is too small, the pasted object will encounter the peeling board during the process of conveying the stickers, causing displacement.
These are label machine label off-tracking, wrinkled label, crooked label treatment, hope these content can help you.
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