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What are the factors that affect the quality of labeling machine?

Time:2019-10-09 Views:1531
      If a machine in the operation, or processing, not to achieve the effect we want, or say the effect used, not as good as before, then we need to know its factors are what, labeling machine is the same, so labeling machine labeling quality factors are what?
Labeling machine labeling
      1. Mechanical design
      The main working mechanism of the labeling machine is composed of bid offering device, bid taking device, printing device, gluing device and interlock binding device. The mechanical body is divided into two parts, one of which is the design. The quality of products, whether the customer satisfaction depends on the product design and development process, do a good job in product design and development is to achieve product replacement, improve product quality level of the premise. Design directly determines the formulation of production plan, procurement of raw materials, difficulty in process production, type of equipment and processing accuracy, quality level, etc. Poor design may lead to difficult production of products.
      2. On-site installation
      In the process of installation, if the parts are not properly installed in this part, or there is a certain deviation, then in the operation of the machine will lead to mechanical accuracy, supply, efficiency and other problems. It directly affects the stability of the machine in operation and the deviation of labeling position. It is better to have desiccant on site to dehumidify first, to ensure that the label is not short mouth phenomenon.
      3. Installation environment
      Environment is a major factor affecting quality. According to the space and environment produced by the enterprise, such as air temperature, site, if the label is lower than the humidity, then the label can‘t stick on the bottle; Or because the humidity of the bottle is not within the bearing range, the labeling process, there will be a similar situation, if the installation environment is windy, there will be minimal impact on the product, but as long as a little improvement, the problem is easy to solve.
The above is bo gao shenzhen labeling machine factory small make up for you to introduce about labeling machine labeling quality factors, hope small make up to help you, want to know more about labeling machine knowledge, welcome everyone to pay attention to this site.
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