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What are the types of labeling machines?

Time:2019-09-19 Views:1653
      In daily life, we can see a lot of items have labels on them, which is the labeling machine to do the work of labeling the goods. To make a long story short, let‘s analyze the types of labeling machines:
      What are the types of labeling machines?
      Due to the different types of labeling objects, the label itself material shape is also different, labeling requirements are not the same. Therefore, in order to meet the needs of labeling under different conditions, labeling machine also has different types and varieties.
What are the types of labeling machines
      1, according to the type of products: linear labeling machine and rotary labeling machine.
      2, according to the degree of automation: automatic, automatic, semi-automatic and manual labeling machine several categories
      3, according to the realization of different labeling functions: flat labeling machine, side labeling machine and peripheral labeling machine;
      4, according to the container operation direction: vertical labeling machine and horizontal labeling machine
      5, according to the labeling process characteristics: pressure labeling machine, rolling labeling machine, rolling labeling machine, brush touch labeling machine
      6, according to different adhesive coating way to distinguish: sticker sticker machine, paste sticker machine (paste sticker machine, glue sticker machine) and hot melt adhesive sticker machine several types;
      7, according to the type of label classification: chip label labeling machine, roll label labeling machine, thermal adhesive label labeling machine, pressure sensitive label labeling machine and shrink barrel label labeling machine;
      8, according to the location of label labeling: single-sided labeling machine, double-sided labeling machine, three-sided labeling machine and multi-surface labeling machine
      Application scope of labeling machine
      Below according to the realization of different labeling function classification said labeling machine applicable scope
      1. Plane labeling machine is to realize the labeling and laminating on the upper plane and upper camber of the workpiece, such as box, book, plastic shell, etc. There are two methods of rolling and sticking, mainly according to the requirements of efficiency, accuracy and bubble selection.
      2, round bottle labeling machine in cylindrical, conical products on the circumference of the label or film, such as glass bottles, plastic bottles, can achieve the circumference, half circumference, circumference of double-sided, circumference positioning labeling and other functions, mainly vertical labeling and horizontal labeling two ways.
      3, side labeling machine in the workpiece side plane, side cambered surface labeling or laminating, such as cosmetics flat bottles, boxes, etc., can be equipped with a round bottle labeling equipment, at the same time to achieve a round bottle labeling.
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