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What is the composition of the automatic labeling machine?

Time:2019-09-24 Views:1658
      People are made up of various organs, and the machine is also made up of various parts. Without any part, the machine cannot be set up and can hardly operate. Therefore, every part is very important.
Automatic labeling machine structure
      1. Unwinding wheel. Is a passive wheel for placing the reel label. Usually equipped with adjustable friction friction braking device, the purpose is to control the speed of the drum and tension, to maintain a smooth feed paper.
      Buffer wheel. The work is connected to a spring. It can swing back and forth. The purpose is to absorb the tensioning force of the drum material when the device is started, keep the material in contact with the rollers and prevent the material from breaking.
      3. Guide roller. It is composed of upper and lower parts, and plays a guiding and positioning role in web materials.
      4. Drive roller. It consists of a set of active friction wheels. Usually one is a rubber roller and the other is a metal roller, and the backing paper passes between them. Function is to drive the drum material, to achieve normal labeling.
      5. Rewinding wheel. Is the driving wheel with friction drive device, which functions as the backing paper after rewinding labeling. The rotating paper receiving wheel and the processing paper of the driving wheel do not interfere with each other, and the synchronous drive is regulated by the friction device.
      6. Peel plate. There is an Angle from one end of the plate (generally less than 30°), the purpose is to make the label easy to be out of the label and out of the label when the backing paper changes direction after the stripping plate, so as to achieve contact with the labeled object.
      7. Label roller. Apply the label off the backing paper evenly and evenly on the object to be attached.
      So much for the automatic labeling machine! I believe all the smart people have understood
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