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What is the standard quotation for labeling machines?

Time:2019-09-21 Views:1654
      Presumably everyone in the purchase of anything will be the first to understand the price, the purchase of mechanical equipment is even more so. Now more and more people begin to pay close attention to the composition of the labeling machine structure and configuration services, presumably also shop around to ask the price of the automatic labeling machine, and many customers friends are consulting the manufacturer how much money a labeling machines, if manufacturers do not directly answer you, but give you a ballpark estimate price, because the label factory also can‘t quote you directly, so this is why?
Price of labeling machine
      First of all, we need to understand the type of automatic labeling machine, labeling machine is generally customized according to the functional needs of customers. The benefits is to be able to better match the company‘s production line, reduce the cost price, and can also reduce improper labeling machine customer production line problem, bo high labeling machine including but not limited to round bottle labeling machine, flat labeling machine, special-shaped surface labeling machine, widely used in medicine, food, hardware, daily commodities, but there are too many kinds, so the structure, function and application to each type of equipment is different, also will affect the price.
      Why are the prices quoted by different manufacturers different?
      This will certainly be a question in your mind, why the consultation of each labeling machine manufacturers, the same equipment is not the same price? This is because the choice of components and core processor PLC labeling machine, the brand of the eye, labeling machine precision and speed will affect the price of labeling machine in different degrees. If it is a manufacturer with high-end technology labeling machine, then the production of labeling machine in quality, efficiency of course than other manufacturers labeling machine is better, so the price will be higher than other labeling machine.
      Why to see manufacturer to quote a price rarely on the net, want to call ability to be able to quote?
      Automatic labeling machine price needs to call to inquire mainly in order to let the manufacturer know more about your requirements on labeling machine, such as the labeling machine labeling speed to reach (bottle/sheet/per hour), how to label? Where should I put it? Do you want to take the assembly line of your company‘s production line? And what requirements do you have for labeling machine, bogao will recommend the most suitable labeling machine for you according to your products, and then through the company‘s technology according to your production line to design the most consistent with your equipment, the best combination of equipment needs raw materials, will provide you with the price of this labeling machine! ​​​​
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