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Successful application case of electronic industry labeling

    Bogao electronic labeling machine is mainly designed for the needs of the electronics industry that appear in the market. It is mainly used for precise labeling of electronic components and digital products, such as SD card, mobile phone battery, FPC, mobile phone charger and so on. Electronic labeling machine has the advantages of cleanliness, mildew free, beautiful, firm, will not fall off, high production efficiency.
Electronic labeling machine scheme
      Electronics industry of small and medium-sized to electronics accessories, to household appliances, industrial electric appliance etc, with the use of the electronic products can have the appearance of product labels, the electronics industry professional, not only to the requirement of label and high accuracy, even there are some products need special material, usually adopts instant printing labeling equipment is more, not only can print a large amount of data, also can communicate with the data of the primary system, etc.
      The scope of monad product label includes factory label, attention label, product description label, 2d barcode label and other label stickers, etc. If the application of the label cannot match with the label, the label will be off label and become warped.
      Must be effectively implemented in the electronics industry production and manufacturing, inventory management, management mode, and product quality tracking, etc, in the process of automated assembly lines and various processing, using the barcode as the main components play on barcode label, and translated by bar code reader, barcode information input computer server database, each machine and main components will have only one bar code. Wherever the machine is sent, there are records. If there is a problem, just read the barcode on the warranty card, you can call out all the relevant data of the product in the database, greatly facilitate the product quality tracking and after-sales service.
      Successful application cases:
Electronic labeling machine equipment